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Some sellers think improving sales only happens via product enhancements, new product launches and aggressive pricing tactics. Too many overlook their role in improving sales by improving their own personal positioning. Here are 5 reasons improving sales starts with improving personal positioning:

  1. Personal positioning builds trust.  Sales happen when trust exists.
  2. Personal positioning establishes a seller’s level of expertise.  New business prospects are usually more eager to work with a pro.
  3. Personal positioning establishes a seller’s level of empathy.  New business prospects want to work with sellers that care.
  4. Personal positioning minimizes relationship tension that naturally exists when a seller meets a new business prospect for the first time.
  5. Personal positioning separates the professional seller from the pack of amateur peddlers vying for face time and cash from the same new business prospects.

Business problems are solved and sales improve when sellers spend time on personal positioning.

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Kurt Sima is VP/Sr. Consultant at the Center for Sales Strategy

kurtsima@csscenter.com 740-405-2960

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