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For ages sellers have been convinced it is all about finding and closing a new business prospect.  It actually works better for both parties the opposite way when the new business prospect finds the seller.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Most people have a negative reaction when approached by a salesperson.
  2. Starting a relationship via a cold call rarely results in a long-term partnership.
  3. People like to be in control, if a new business prospect has a problem (and needs help) they would rather initiate a relationship than have someone they don’t know approach them.
  4. It is always better for a seller to meet a new business prospect that has raised their hand admitting they need help.
  5. When a new business prospect approaches a seller, they usually provide the seller some focus on a specific business problem (this focus can lead to cash).

There is a concept gaining momentum that provides a new business prospect the means to find a seller. This concept is called inbound marketing.

If you’re a business owner or sales manager, a marketer or a sales person, you understand the importance of marketing and the role it plays in lead generation.  To learn how to use thought leadership, the internet and inbound marketing to attract new business prospects,

DOWNLOAD:  The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing.

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Kurt Sima is VP/Sr. Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy that enjoys helping organizations with leadership development and solve complex business problems by creating business models designed to achieve growth strategies.

kurtsima@csscenter.com 740-405-2960

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