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Organizations that have fun outperform not-so-fun organizations. I wish I had data that supports my statement; however, I don’t (just going with my intuition).

Recently I attended a monthly staff meeting at one of my clients. I don’t mind saying when I was invited to the 90 minute meeting I was a bit apprehensive.  Nothing says buzz kill like a staff meeting.  Boring, painful, insignificant are words that describe most staff meetings.

This meeting was different.  It was high energy, fun and informative.  Here are 5 things you can do to turn a staff meeting from buzz kill to energizing:

  1. Pick a theme, for example: Cinco de Mayo.  Decorate the room, wear sombreros and report sales figures in dollars and pesos.
  2. Use a multiple media approach to present information (audio, video, PowerPoint).
  3. Have an MC run the meeting (someone that is not the boss).
  4. Involve different voices from the organization to present information.
  5. Keep each presentation segment brief, 5 minutes maximum.  Have a gong sound when 5 minutes expire.

Follow the meeting up with a lunch tied to the theme, and you have a monthly staff meeting worth attending.

Host a meeting like this once a month and things like solving business problems and improving sales become part of the fun!

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Kurt Sima is VP/Sr. Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy

kurtsima@csscenter.com 740-405-2960


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