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Every now and then I encounter a leader faced with complex business problems that thinks cutting corners on expenses will pave the way to prosperity.  I scratch my head and wonder why leaders spend so much time creating and enforcing policies to cut spending while they totally ignore elements that could significantly improve [...]

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Most agree innovation is the spark that creates growth.  Pick an industry that has experienced significant growth, and you can trace a path back to innovation that was the spark.

In the auto industry the innovation was the assembly line.  In the tech world the [...]

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Innovation is a hot buzzword these days.  Many people talk about innovation, most avoid actually engaging in it.  Here are 5 reasons why:

People are afraid they will lose their job if they fail as an Continue Reading

Here are 5 things to do to make your next needs analysis meeting more productive:

Prepare a list of 5 – 10 quality questions prior to the meeting. Start the meeting by telling the customer or prospect you hope to [...]

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Most people think the newspaper industry is yesterday’s news.  Most people don’t know about the business problem solving and innovative thinking happening at some newspapers across the country.  Here are 5 examples:

1.  Rick Surkamer, president and COO at the Sun-Times Media  in Chicago.  Over a 26 month period Rick and [...]

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2012 is well on the way.  Here’s a look back at the top 5 business problem solver posts so far this year:

#1.  5 Peter Drucker quotes that will help you solve business problems

Peter Drucker, The Man Who Invented Management, said some great things during his life.  Here [...]

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I published a post last week titled 5 policy changes that would solve business problems that stimulated a great deal of discussion in some of my LinkedIn groups.  Several people asked me to expound on the items in this post, so I’ve added some detail.

Would business leaders behave differently if [...]

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Would business leaders behave differently if the following polices were in place?

1.  People were considered a capital investment.

2.  The calculated cost of employee turnover was considered an operating expense.

3.  Throughput accounting was used in parallel with cost accounting.

4.  Inventory reduction was a topic of discussion more often than Continue Reading

If you are faced with business problems and are looking for some help, perhaps you might want to tap into these emerging business solutions:

1.  Account recovery will become a hot topic in 2012.  Don’t get me wrong, selling new [...]

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1.  Most people enjoy talking about innovation.

2.  Implementing innovation scares most people.

3.  Innovation is tied to talent (it’s genetic), and a process.

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Organizations need innovators to help solve complex business problems, create new business models and develop growth strategies.  Innovators do not grow on trees; so finding, recruiting and hiring [...]

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Here are 5 reasons you need innovators on your team:

1.  Your team is performing well, and you need to develop a growth strategy to build on recent success.

2.  Your organization has business problems and is struggling (sluggish sales are a symptom [...]

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Have you ever been approached by someone trying to get you to buy-in to unproven innovation?

Too often leaders stay away from unproven innovation and say things like, “Bring this idea back to me when you can:

1.  Tell me a [...]

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