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If your B2B sales organization is in the dumper, perhaps these posts will help:

How to Avoid the Collision Between an Outdated Business Model and Innovative Growth [...]

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Rarely do organizations saddled with selling an outdated business model get relief from growth demands. The dilemma that occurs in this scenario causes leaders to oscillate from one extreme to the other to [...]

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There are plenty of folks out there trying to develop the secret sauce that will unlock a new business model lying dormant in an organization.  Here are 5 things that stimulate innovation and business model development:


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Here’s a list of 5 things people think that get in the way of business model development:

Too many people think…

… they are the only source of new ideas and innovation.

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5 Business Problem Busters

On January 12, 2013 By

If your year is off to a sluggish start here’s a kurtsima5 flashback to help jumpstart 2013 and become a business problem buster:

Growth Strategies Insight: 5 Trends to Jump on in 2013  Here are 5 trends to keep an eye on [...]

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Creating a new business model has many obstacles; here are 5, along with quotes tied to each:

Fear — “If I try something new and fail, I will lose my job.” Arrogance — “What we are doing is right, I know because it [...]

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The Business Model Mystery

On January 2, 2013 By

Take a look at the items on this list and let me know if they make sense to you:

New business prospects like to receive product pushing emails from salespeople they don’t know. New business prospects like it when salespeople they don’t know call repeatedly asking for an appointment. New business prospects like [...]

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Too many people use common sense when making decisions related to improving sales performance when they should use uncommon sense.  Here’s a list that describes both:

common sense            uncommon [...]

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Most sellers agree that selling happens more often after an appointment with a new business prospect.  The tricky thing is getting that first appointment.  Here are 5 things to consider when faced with the challenge of getting that first appointment with a new business prospect:

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The Birth of a Business Model

On September 5, 2012 By

In 1922 the commercial radio business model was born. Oddly enough the company behind the birth of commercial radio was not a radio company—it was the Bell Telephone company.

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Rarely do sellers and organizations saddled with selling an outdated business model get relief from growth demands. [...]

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Some sellers are saddled with the burden of selling a tired business model.  Here are 5 things to do to improve sales when selling a business model passed its peak:

Ask for a referral every day [...]

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All organizations go through phases ranging from emerging business models to past prime products and services.  Here are some warning signs that a business model is approaching the end of a growth cycle and entering a decline phase:

Massive consolidation [...]

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All organizations need innovation tied to growth strategies that provide business model improvement on an ongoing basis.  If innovation is lacking in your organization, here are [...]

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