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Have you ever listened to Mike Greenberg—from Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN—interview a guest?  This guy drives me nuts!  He frequently asks compound questions when conducting an interview.  Greenberg often asks questions that are actually three [...]

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If your B2B sales organization is in the dumper, perhaps these posts will help:

How to Avoid the Collision Between an Outdated Business Model and Innovative Growth [...]

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I spend time with many B2B sales organizations.  Some perform like finely tuned machines and focus on solving business problems and selling solutions.  These organizations are constantly Continue Reading

How time flies — it is hard to believe 2013 is half over!  Here’s a flashback on the 5 most popular Kurtsima5 posts so far this year:

Business Models are Repaired When Leaders Take Chances on Unproven Innovations

Have you ever been [...]

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The best B2B salespeople know that solving business problems is a direct route to cash, and asking questions during a needs analysis provides fuel for the engine.  Here’s a [...]

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Is your organization still in the Stone Age when it comes to supplying leads to salespeople?  If so, here are 5 things to consider as you develop a lead generation strategy:

1.  You will solve more business problems and [...]

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Is there such a thing as a dumb question?

The answer is YES!

The best B2B salespeople know that solving business problems starts when they ask great questions during a needs analysis.  Here are 5 dumb questions sellers should avoid:

1.  Any question that [...]

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I solve more business problems and produce more when I hang out with:

People that see the good in others. People that had it all… lost it all… and found it all again. People that laugh often. People that are not afraid to [...]

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Who Cares?

On April 15, 2013 By

Improving sales performance happens for the best B2B salespeople because they care about the following:

1.  The business problems of their customers.

2.  Results.

3.  Achieving [...]

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Being too busy, too often is not a good thing — in fact it is most likely a symptom of a more significant issue or issues that threaten the health of an organization.  Here are 5 things being too busy might be tied to:

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The world is a better place because of salespeople.  I really believe this to be true.  Too often salespeople get a bad rap because less than professional sellers ruin things for the pros!  Here’s a shout out to the best of the best that make the world a better place because they do the following:


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The best B2B sellers know the secret to needs analysis success is tied to the art of asking questions. Here are 5 types of questions that sellers use to uncover business problems that lead to cash:

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Some B2B salespeople make solving business problems tougher than it needs to be.  Follow these five steps to uncover business problems that lead to cash:

Select only quality new business prospects.  Don’t waste time with small spending accounts (let the competitors waste their time [...]

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