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Need help improving sales performance?

If you have discovered a constraint involving your sales organization and you have unsuccessfully tried to improve productivity in this area, perhaps it is time for a different approach.

So, what’s the conventional approach?

Too often management employ a combination of the following tried and tired tactics to increase sales:

  1. Hound ‘em!
  2. Bribe ‘em!
  3. Send ‘em off to a “sales retreat”!
  4. Drop price and push, push, push!
  5. Point fingers at other parts of the organization!

So, what’s an alternative approach?

Here’s a formula to consider:

Sales Performance = Talent + Training + Tactics

The best solutions to a constraint involving your sales organization combine a jumpstart plan to deliver immediate results with a long-term plan to assure sustainability.  The long-term plan must include the three fundamentals listed above (talent + training + tactics) and should be synchronized with the other functional areas of your organization (HR, IT, marketing, production, product development, fulfillment, finance).

You can learn more about this proven performance formula Why Sales Training Fails.

The Center for Sales Strategy family of clients:

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